Understanding and Preventing Computer Viruses

When it comes to threats to computers, the computer virus is very serious. Computer viruses can have ramifications that affect many aspects of your computer use, as well as creating a number of security risks.

A computer virus is a term used to describe a type of software that executes malicious code on your computer. There are many types of computer viruses. Some computer viruses are designed to serve advertisements on the affected computer, some steal information that the users types, such as user names and passwords, and some send spam email and are used as bots to attack other computer systems.

One of the most common types of viruses is the scare-ware virus, which refers to a type of computer virus that informs locks the user’s computer down and informs them that the computer has been infected. Then, they present the option to buy their own “anti-virus software,” which in many cases doesn’t even reverse the damage they have done.

Since computer viruses are so very serious and can result in stolen identities and other personal information loss, it is very important to take measures to prevent them.

The first step should involve using an anti-virus software, which will use a database of known threats to scan the computer and files that are in-use, as well as downloads. Most quality anti-virus software will also perform a Heuristic analysis, which is a special check designed to analyze new files, so that unknown threats can be detected.

However, using an anti-virus alone will not always prevent viruses. It is very important to be conscious about what websites you visit and emails you view. There is a saying that a computer is only as smart as the person behind it and in many cases, virus makers count on being able to fool the user. There are a number of scams, which often involve forging email addresses from well known businesses and then attempting to get people to open attached files.

It is also common to see images and banner ads that indicate that a computer is infected or that the user needs to perform a virus check, with these linking to malicious pages that can infect the computer.

In addition to being cautious, it is also very important to turn on automatic updates. Whether you use Windows, Linux, or Mac OSX, viruses can affect your system through un-patched security holes. This is true not only of your computer’s operating system, but also individual software like your web browser, Adobe Flash Player, and Adobe Reader. The last two products by Adobe, Reader and Flash Player, are very commonly exploited.

Many vendors, like Microsoft, actively update their software on a regular basis, so it is important to regularly check for and download updates. Generally, once an update has been released, the issue is known widely and will then be exploited by virus makers.

While viruses are very serious, by maintaining a multi-pronged defense system, which involves keeping your software updated, being very conscious about what types of websites and emails you view, and using a quality anti-virus software, most threats can be largely minimized.

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The Best Ways To Master Your Computer Faster

Many people have taken it upon themselves to master their computers. This option is often driven by a burning desire to become masters and experts in handling, using and manipulating any computer in order to achieve what they want. Many people are computer illiterates. What a grievous misery the modern man is facing today! But when you look for anything where it is not found, you can never find it no matter how hard you may try. This is true with life and everything else including knowledge. Listen to me friend, looking for computer knowledge in a wrong place and via the wrong way will only leave you more confused and frustrated like a piece of old rag.

Are there any proven and better ways of making the process of learning computer faster, easier, more fun-filled and simple any where out there? Certainly yes! There is. Have a few here right away:

Number one of such ways is an ideal desire. The starting point of every achievement is believed to be desire. Desire is the foundation for any success man can achieve in life. If you must succeed in your course of mastering your computer whether in seconds or less, then you need a burning desire. Your desire can ignite and fire you up like a lighted splinter set for action.

Secondly, you need a mentor. You need someone who will sit with you from time to time as regularly as you can afford so he can use his or her wealth of experience to teach you. This will further give you the opportunity to ask your unanswered questions and have answers for each one of them. Your mentor is also in a good and unique position to provide you with working instructions o guidelines for better results.

Thirdly, you need a formal or an informal training. This calls for your enrolling into a good computer training school or institute where standard computer training courses are available so one can really explore the secrets to mastering important computer applications and operations from expert tutors.

Fourthly, love and embrace partnership. For he that works with the wise shall be wise but a companion of fools shall be destroyed. So goes a proverb from the Bible. If you embrace and properly utilize the power of synergy, to work with other computer experts as a team, you are sure to make your computer training journey the shortest. You can interact with people of similar interest and under such an atmosphere of encouragement, talents are developed and destinies built.

The fifth important way for you to follow to quickly master your computer is to buy e-books and other relevant computer training materials that can help your computer understanding as you effectively study them and apply the new lessons.

The sixth thing you must do is to get your own computer. To a man who has never tasted pudding, a brief description of how pudding tastes is simply a senseless glamour. It makes no sense to him what pudding really tastes like. You real knowledge about computers is enhanced when you own one or at least have access to one or more. This brings the freedom to exercise or practice at anytime you choose to practice or learn some brand new stuff.

The Seventh thing you will need to do is to join online forums or be a regular visitor of blogs containing relevant information on computer training and knowledge.

Finally, believe in yourself. Know that it is only you that can stop you from becoming who you want to be. Nothing can stop a man except the man himself. As you believe what I am saying, begin to organize your learning. Strategize how to run trough your computer training course and you will never see shame. More so, learn one application per time. Don’t for instance, run a ‘rat-race’ by joining Ms Word with Corel draw. This will certainly mess up with your happiness, love and joy because you will have comprehension difficulty as the two applications are used for entirely different things entirely viz: ms word for pure word processing and Corel draw for graphics designing.

See you at the top!

Michael S. Justice is a young Online and Offline entrepreneur with relevant skills and vast knowledge on how to make it in this IT and computer Dependent world in taking great business decisions for maximum profitability.

He is the Manager of Sunshine Intercontinental Ventures Ltd, a leading company in the provision of general Car and Tyre security via Car Tracking and Tyre Sealant, a sure protection from all kinds of Car snatching and theft, punctures, gunshots, bullets, nails and more.

He is currently the Director of Computer Trainings with Sunshine Intercontinental Computer Academy (SiCA), a leading Computer Training Institute in Our region, in Nigeria.

He is a public speaker, a writer and a musician.
He is the author of the best selling e-book, Master Your Computer Within Seconds!
Speak with Justice on 08084408655, 07034194333
Visit http://www.computerwebmaster.blogspot.com and learn how to master your computer within seconds!

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Should I Fix My Old Computer or Buy a New Computer?

This is a question that everyone faces sometime in their life. You have had your computer for 5 year now. You feel that your 5 year old computer is outdated, slow, and just plain old frustrating. You then take your computer to your local repair shop just to hear that the total repair cost is the same as buying that brand spanking new computer at a major electronics store. So what should you do? Buy the new computer right? Not so fast. Let me explain why.

What you don’t realize, is that the physical computer parts are not the value of the computer. So now you must be wondering what is. The answer to that question is the software. Let me help you understand a little more.

Real conversation with one of my customers:

Me: OK Ma’am we have completed the diagnostic on your computer. We have determined that the motherboard is defective and needs to be replaced.

Customer: OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How much will it cost to fix?

Me: Parts and labor you are looking at $175.

Customer: $175 dollars, I saw a new computer at a local electronics store for $265.

Me: It will be a better deal for you to have your computer repaired.

Customer: How is that?

What this customer fail to realize is the new computer doesn’t have any of the software she needs. On her old computer she has Microsoft Office Pro, Photoshop CS5, and she can’t find the installation disk for these programs. So lets do a little math. Microsoft Office Pro 2010 is $300, and Photoshop CS5 is $600. So the customer would have to add $900 to the total cost of the computer. You can’t transfer programs from one computer to the other unless it’s the same exact model, so that will be out of the question. The customer would also have to transfer all of her data from the old computer to the new. Data consist of files you save on your computer(word documents, excel documents, pictures, music, and videos). Programs are the applications that you use to prepare and open your data(Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Photo shop, and etc).

To conclude,

Buying a new computer is not always the best option. First you should evaluate the software on your old computer, and make sure that buying new is a better option than the present. Technology changes rapidly, as long as your old computer works for you, and is fast enough for your needs, you should stick with it. If you upgrade when technology upgrades, you will be purchasing a new computer every 6 months.

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Things to Know About Computer RAM Before Buying

RAM is a fundamental part of any contemporary device such as the computer. It is responsible for a unique function that allows our computer to store dynamic data. When you open a computer program such as Paint the executable file loads all the information into RAM where it will remain temporarily until the program is closed. This also allows the use of dynamic-link libraries, which are essentially libraries of functions which programs can share simultaneously without having to reload them into memory again.

RAM is a rectangular green chip that connects to your motherboard. They come in various capacity limitations such as 500MB or 1GB. Depending on your motherboard, you may have some additional RAM slots empty. Those slots can be used to upgrade your computer by adding extra memory. If all of the slots are taken then you can simply remove the old RAM and replace it with a more powerful one.

Unlike what many may believe, adding more RAM will not always speed up your computer. Remember, RAM is responsible for how many programs you can run simultaneously. If you are not going over the limit then you don’t have a RAM problem. Often times, if you start loading up your RAM to 80% or more you will find that your computer starts to slow down. However, it’s not the RAM that causes it – it’s the CPU. All the information in your memory gets processed by the CPU and if your processor can’t handle it, then upgrading RAM will not solve the issue – you will need to upgrade your CPU.

Often times when the RAM usage approaches or exceeds the limit the computer will store some of the information on the hard drive and swap it in and out whenever needed. This can put a damper on your computer performance as your hard drive is much slower than RAM.

In today’s fast paced technological world any computer equipment older than 2 years can be considered outdated. If you are using a computer older than 3 years you should consider upgrading your RAM. It’s the cheapest and quickest way to improve your computer without having to purchase a brand new one.

There are many websites where you can buy computer RAM online or you could visit a local computer hardware store and pick up the latest model from there. Generally, the price variations in RAM depend on a few factors. First, RAM capacity can range anywhere from 256MB to 8GB per slot. Also, RAM speed (how quickly it loads/reloads data) can also affect performance and it ranges anywhere from 266Mhz to 2400Mhz. The average RAM stick will probably be a 1066 to 1333Mhz DDR2 or DDR3 card.

Compatibility is important as not all RAM cards will fit your motherboard. Not just that, but motherboards are limited to how much RAM it can support so be sure to find out the limit before buying computer memory.

Computer RAM price will range based on the capacity, speed, and of course, brand. My current computer uses 2 x 4GB Kingston memory cards which is more than enough for any amount of computer use.

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Computer Optimization – How to Optimize Your Computer in a Few Easy Steps

A slow and sluggish computer can be highly frustrating and time consuming, which is why applying effective computer optimization techniques is essential. Slow performance of your computer can result in low productivity, which can even lead to financial loss in some circumstances. Apart from increasing RAM size and maintaining a good security ecosystem for your computer, there are a few simple techniques that a user can apply to keep the performance of a computer at an optimal level.

Listed below are few such quick but effective steps that one can perform for computer optimization:

    • Cleaning the PC Registry – The registry of a computer is a huge database with important information and data about the configuration and functionality of your PC system. Presence of unwanted or invalid entries in the registry can lead to bugs or errors, which will subsequently make the system slow and also start giving errors often. There are some good registry cleaning tools available in computer stores as well as online, that one may purchase or sometimes download for free. These programs are usually very effective in fixing bugs or errors, ensuring that the registry is healthy and free from corrupted or redundant entries. This is one of the most effective computer optimization methods.
    • Disk Defragmenter – Fragmented files slow down the performance of the computer because the computer has to search for all of the file’s parts in the entire hard disk drive. When programs and files are added to the computer, they are often broken into chunks of data files that are placed side by side for faster access and retrieval. However, as the number of files and programs in the PC keep increasing with usage, the computer saves the updates on the largest space available on the hard disk. This results in fragmented files which are stored in dispersed places, leading to slow performance of the PC. The Disk Defragmenter tool places all related files together in correct order, which means that the system will now take less amount of time to find and locate the searched file.
    • Disk Cleanup – Cleaning up the disk is like cleaning up the clutter in a room or a cabinet. It removes all the temporary files that are created and stored when the user looks at web pages or works on files in various programs. These programs can include software like Microsoft Word and Excel. Over time, the number of temporary files increases, reducing the computer’s performance significantly. The Disk Cleanup program helps to get the computer rid of these unnecessary files, thus helping in overall computer optimization.
  • Webpage history size reduction – Internet Explorer or other browsers store visited web pages and other Internet browsing information (such as pictures, videos etc) to the PC. Although it might be beneficial to keep the web history for few days within the computer, keeping more than a week’s history is not required and thus should be removed from the computer. Too much data collected and stored from web pages can slow down the computer’s performance. Reducing the size of web page history helps in computer optimization.

Overall, managing the performance of your computer is not a tough task. With good use of the above tools and techniques computer optimization can be simple and hassle free.

For effective computer optimization you need a software package that includes both PC optimizer utilities and maintenance tools as well. My best recommendation for an effective PC maintenance and optimization software which can perform all the tasks above is Powersuite Golden product from Spotmau. If you want more information about this program you can check out this Powersuite Golden review here.

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